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Chapter Fifty
"Em, are you sure we should do this?" Cherish asked as she saw George and Paul walking up the sidewalk towards their house.
"Y-Yeah," Emerald nodded, "We wanna make something outta our lives. Can't stay in Liverpool for the rest of our years."
"I suppose you're right," Cherish sighed as the door bell rang.
"I'll get it," Emerald said, rushing to the door and opening it for Paul and George.
Paul smirked a bit when seeing Emerald, remembering their almost-affair from the previous day.
Emerald stomped on his foot and got an odd look from Cherish and George.
"Ouch, what was that for?" Paul snapped.
"Oops, sorry," Emerald sneered, giggling to herself and going to sit at the kitchen table.
George went to sit next to her, but Paul beat him there. Paul tried to make it seem as though he was sitting there because Cherish was right across from him, but Cherish gave him a bit of a confused look. George took his seat next to Cherish and stared from one twin to the other.
"So why'd ye need us here?" George asked.
"Well, we've got some important news," Cherish replied.
"Y-You're not pregnant, are you?" Paul asked worriedly.
"No," Cherish giggled.
"Then what is it?" George asked.
"Uhh, well, Emerald and I are going to London," Cherish said, "We're going to move there."
"W-Why?" George inquired, staring at Emerald, who looked down at her hands in her lap guiltily.
"Cause, we're gonna start our own clothing line," Emerald explained, finally looking up to face him.
"Well, this is great!" Paul exclaimed, "George and I can come visit every week. A train to London doesn't cost that much."
"N-No Paul," Cherish said, "You don't understand."
"What do you mean?" Paul inquired.
Cherish took his hand as tears began to roll down her face, "W-We have to break up Paul."
"W-What?" Paul's eyes widened.
"Paul, I'm breaking up with you," Cherish murmured, sniffling a bit.
"No, Cherish," Paul said quickly, "Why are you breaking up with me?"
"Well, let's face it Paul," Cherish said, "With me gone there are plenty of other girls for you to fuck with. I don't want to have to deal with that sort of pain, alright?"
"I-I won't though!" Paul exclaimed frantically, "I won't cheat on ye Cherish, I promise!"
"You will too Paul!" Cherish replied, "You know you will!"
Paul was about ready to cry and Cherish was already starting to sob. George and Emerald watched the scene unfolding.
"Cherish, don't break up with me," Paul whispered, pressing her hand to his lips.
"I am, Paul," Cherish said, "Don't make it harder for me than it already is. Please."
Paul nodded, "A-Alright Cherish."
He looked from Cherish to the stairs up to her bedroom and murmured, "One last time?"
"That'd make it even worse," Cherish groaned.
Paul nodded, a bit disappointed.
"Well Georgie," Emerald smiled, "I'll be seeing you around then. I'm gonna go pack."
George was surprised at how excited she was to leave and asked, "When are you leaving?"
"Tonight," Emerald replied.
George's heart sunk; he wouldn't be able to ask her out.
"Oh, well, I-I guess I'll see you around then," George mumbled, watching as Emerald waved him off and walked upstairs to her room.
"I'm gonna go then," Paul stood up and began to walk towards the door, hoping that Cherish would follow, beg him not to go, or anything.
Cherish just stuffed her head in her hands and began to sob. Paul frowned and walked out of the door. George watched as the door shut and turned to Cherish.
"You okay Cher?" George asked.
Cherish shook her head and George quickly pulled her into a hug.
"He's mad at me, isn't he?" Cherish sobbed.
"I don't think he's mad at you," George said, "He understands why you had to. I just think he's a bit upset, that's all."
"He'll never forgive me," Cherish whimpered.
"Cherish, he's not mad at you," George said, "I'm serious. I know Paul and he's not mad at you."
Cherish sighed, "Alright. Well, I think I'm gonna go pack then."
George nodded, "Well, I hope you and Emerald have a great time in London."
"Yeah, thanks," Cherish replied, watching as George went to the door and opened it.
"George?" Cherish spoke up before he walked out.
"Yeah?" George turned around.
"I'll miss ye, just so you know," Cherish murmured sheepishly.
George smiled, "I'll miss you too Cherish."
With that he left, leaving Cherish and Emerald to pack for London. To pack for their new lives. To pack for their future.
One Year Later: Later 1962
In August 1962, The Beatles, consisting of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, were sitting in Brian Epstein's office, listening to the man discuss attire with the small band.
"You know, Eppy, my last suit was way too small. I think your fuckin' suits are going to squeeze me to death!" John laughed, and waved a hand to the suit sitting on the floor in front of them all.
"I know, John, you've been telling me this for the past few days." Brian said, looking up from his papers and taking his pen to write a note to whoever business needed him to talk to.
"Then why have we done nothing about it?!" John questioned, waving a hand in the air. Brian sighed, and then looked through some other papers, hoping to find a number of a seamstress that might shut John up.
"I might know someone." Paul said, looking through his own address book to see if there was anyone he might know or have fucked before. George grabbed the book from Paul, and flipped through some pages.
"What about them?" George asked, pointing to a picture of the two twins. Paul looked it over, seeing their address and number for their flat in London. Paul's eyes lit up, and the other two band members quickly bent over the youngest shoulders to see what they were talking about.
"Ah, yes, Emerald and Cherish, I smell us getting laid tonight, boys!" John cheered, and Ringo hit him in the arm.
"If anyone, I think George will get laid." Ringo mentioned, and George laughed a bit. Brian took the book from Paul, and inspected the picture of the two girls, who were both kissing Paul's cheeks.
"Are these the twins that George tends to talk about?" Brian asked, looking up from the picture.
"Yeah! He fucked one of them!" John said, and was quickly shushed by Ringo, "What? It's true!"
"Well, who are they?" Brian asked, not liking that they were trying to convince him to get new suits.
"They left Liverpool to start their own fashion line. It's working really well." George said, smiling wide. Brian looked at a magazine that was on the table in front of them all. There, on the cover, was Cherish and Emerald, with some fabric around them, pins in their mouth, and both of them looking like they were working on manikins.
"So, why don't we call them?" Brian asked, and Ringo and George quickly went out to the reception room to get the phone in there. "What are you guys doing?" Brian asked, and the four picked up the phones, and Paul quickly dialed the number.
"We can all hear the conversation this way." John said, and Brian leaned his ear to listen in with Paul and John. There was a buzzing on the other end until someone picked up the phone, and talked into it with a mouth full of food.
"Hello?" Emerald asked.
"Em?!" George shouted from the other room, and then Emerald groaned.
"What the fuck?! Who the hell is this?" She snapped.
"I don't quite like her so far." Brian said, extremely displeased with Emerald's tone. John shrugged, listening in to George explaining that Paul had their number, so they needed to call them.
"She's like that."
"Okay, George, what did you all need from me that was so desperate that it needed to be discussed after not seeing each other for a year?" Emerald questioned.
"Eppy, that's your cue." John said, taking the phone from Paul and handing it to the manager.
"Oh, um, hello, Miss Mason. I'm the Beatles manager and I was wondering if you and your sister would like to design some clothing for the boys."
There was a spitting noise, and some coughing, and finally Cherish's voice was heard, asking what was wrong.
"Cher, you talk." Emerald said, "I need water." The two sisters changed positions, and Cherish then talked into the phone.
"Hello, Cherish Mason speaking." Cherish said, and Brian looked to John on how different the two were.
"You have no idea." John mumbled, shrugging and listening into what Brian was saying.
"Hello, Miss Cherish, I'm Brian and the Beatles manager. I am in need of some new suits, seeing as how some of my clients choose to complain every once and a while about their suites." Brian said, and there was some muffled talking from Cherish, then Emerald's loud laugh.
"Holy fuck, was it John? I bet it was John." Emerald said, coming over to the phone and sharing it with her sister.
"It was John, Em!" Ringo cheered from the other room, and everyone laughed a bit.
"Anyway, Mister Brian, what do you need for us to do?" Cherish asked, and Emerald scoffed.
"More fucking work, son of a bitch-"
"Emerald, shut yer god damned mouth!" Cherish snapped, and took down the address of Brian's office, "We'll gladly be there tomorrow! Thanks, talk to you soon, bye."
The phones in all three rooms shut, and George and Ringo quickly made their way back onto the sofa.
"So, Paul, how do you think Cherish's gonna react when she finds out how many girls you've fucked since last night?" George asked, sniggering with John.
"I don't know. How do you think you're gonna react when Emerald tells you how many boys she's fucked?!" Paul retorted, and George cringed away.
"Fucker." George mumbled.
"Liverpool, I'll never miss it." Emerald sighed, and looked at their old house.
"I have, but right now, we need to go to Brian's office, measurements are today." Cherish said, getting back into the passenger seat and Emerald into the driver's seat. Emerald put the car in gear, and quickly peeled away from the driveway, on onto the street.
"I love driving." Emerald sighed, and Cherish had to grip the dashboard.
"And I love living, but you don't see me pushing the petal to the floor." Cherish sighed, and the two pulled into the lot of the office.
Emerald and Cherish brought their bag of shit for fitting up the stairs, and then went into the reception room of Brian's office, "Hi, we're here for the Beatles fitting." Emerald said, and the lady's eyes went wide.
"Oh! Great, they're waiting in there." The lady said, Cherish and Emerald then knocking on the door.
George was standing on a chair, much higher than Brian at that point, and he was holding up something that neither of the twins could figure out. Brian was struggling with getting it, but George was looking down at him, mocking and laughing, "C'mon, Eppy, reach!" George laughed, then looked at the twins, "Holy fuck, twenty year old Emerald."
George fell, and Emerald started cracking up. Cherish went to offer her hand to help him up, and when he accepted, Cherish too started laughing, and dropped George again.
"Emerald and Cherish, missed my two favorite girls." John smiled, and hugged the two tight.
"'Ello, John, what's going on in Beatle-world?" Emerald asked, and Cherish placed their bag on Brian's desk, opening it to find their stuff.
"Who's going first?" Cherish turned, and Brian straightened out his tie.
"How about we have one of you in this room, and one in the other?" Brian suggested, and they both separated, Emerald throwing her sister some measurement tape, a pack of pins, and extra fabric.
"Georgie," Emerald pointed to the boy, "You first." All the boys left, and Brian excused himself to go talk to a co-worker.
"Miss you so fucking much, darling!" George laughed, hugging the girl the first second he got, and placing his hands on her ass, pulling her down onto the couch.
"George, what are you doing?!" Emerald squealed, and George's lips grazed a very sweet spot on her neck.
"I dunno." George shrugged.
"Don't. I'm dating someone." Emerald sternly said. George looked at her in the eyes, and started laughing.
"Sure, Em, sure. I doubt that. You usually reject everyone!" George laughed, "But in all seriousness, would you like to go out with me again?" George asked, and Emerald sighed, pushing him off of her.
"No, George, I can't. I told you that I am dating someone." Emerald sighed, making him stand up. Taking the measurement tape, Emerald had George spread his arm, and she quickly wrote down how long it was.
"Why are you dating someone?!" George spat, "I thought you were never going to date anyone! That's why you always rejected me!"
George's torso was tugged by the measurement, and Emerald laughed a bit, "You've always had a tiny torso, huh?" Emerald avoided the question, "But I went out with Daniel because I met him at a concert. We were designing outfits for his band, and Cher and I went to see what they were about."
"What instrument does he play?" George asked, crossing his arm, and letting Emerald measure his legs.
"Bass." Emerald said, smiling.
"Fuck!" George breathed, and Emerald looked up. wondering what he was talking about, "Paul plays bass, and he gets all the girls! Him and John. Sometimes me and Ringo, but still! How do you know he won't cheat on you?!"
Emerald sighed, and leaned down to measure his inseam, "Whoa, Em, kinda blow-job-y."
"Shut up, George. But he wouldn't do that. Of all Daniel's band members, he may be the most bad-ass, but he wouldn't sink that low."
Measuring the seam, Emerald stood to face George, "You're not going to compare the 'inseam', are you? I mean, we're four guys, and comparing that will cause some tension." George said.
"You are telling me, not to tell the others how big your inseam is. You fuckin' compare your dicks?!" George laughed, realizing how stupid it sounded.
"Mind you, you've fucked me, Paul, and John, so I'm surprised you haven't told Cherish all about us. I mean, do you know the tension that cause over the year?" George asked, and Emerald wrote down the last measurements.
"Send John in, please." Emerald sighed, and George walked out.
"She's pissed." George stated, sitting next to Ringo who had also just finished, "John, Emerald says it's your turn."
John stood up, straightening out his shirt, and quickly walking over to the door, "I will be out in five minutes, that's how long it's going to take."
"She doesn't want you. Or any of us, she's dating someone!" George sighed, and Paul looked up from his measurements.
"Huh? Who?"
"Daniel. A bass player in his band. Apparently Emerald really likes him." George muttered, and Cherish turned from the leg of Paul's measurements.
"She really does like him, but Daniel seems to be able to really capture her heart, so I let him stay. But why are you so fuckin' mad about everything, George? You had to of known that something is going to happen." Cherish sighed, and wrote down measurements.
"What are we going to do now?" Ringo sighed, slumping into his seat and John entered Emerald's temporary office.
"Well, could you go ask Em what she got for George's inseam. I'm gonna need to tell her Ringo and Paul-"
"NO! No. No. No. NO. No inseam discussion!" George squealed.
"Why not?" Cherish said, shocked.
"Because then you're gonna basically compare our parts! It's embarrassing."
"Not for me!" John called from the other room, and Emerald's loud laugh followed it.
"You know, I can barley tell one of you from the other. The hair cuts are so the same. I might mix you up." Cherish sighed, causing another conversation to start.
"Yeah, the less-pretty twin might kiss me!" Ringo giggled with George. The two then collapsing with laughter.
"Fuck yeah! Ha! Less-pretty bitch!" Emerald called from the other room, John snorting was as loud as her laughing.
"Ignoring those comments, maybe I will confuse Ringo with someone else." Cherish said, leaning down and kissing Ringo quickly on the lips.
"Suck it, George." Ringo whispered, and laughed.
"You know, I think that we should all do something tonight, we haven't done anything together in forever. And now we have Ringo! We can do something with him!" Paul exclaimed.
"And lover-boy talks!" John called from the other room, "We've been listening to the entire conversation, and I got the feeling the boy had a boner he was trying to get away."
"How you doing, Paul! Feelin' better?!" Emerald called after, and John started hysterically laughing. After, there was a loud crash, "Fuck! Alright, everyone, he fell!"
Brian entered the room, then into his office, seeing that John had broken a lamp, "Dear god, will you ever learn?!"
"I take the broken lamp as a 'no', Mister Brian." Emerald snorted, and then recoiled to placing her things in the bag again, "Well, we'll see you all tomorrow, I have to go talk to my friend, he's working on getting some fabrics."  
"You fuckin' him too?!" George called, and Emerald huffed, walking away.
"See you Beatles later!" Emerald called, and Cherish and them were out the door.
"The girls are here, John, play nice." Brian said, and Emerald bombarded in.
"What kind of game we playing?!" Emerald sighed, and Brian jumped at the sudden noise.
"Alright, now that we have everyone here, I think Eppy should drive us over to the pond. We planned on going swimming." Paul said, and Cherish smiled.
"I think that'd be great! We have a car, we'll drive." Emerald corrected herself, "I'll drive." Cherish groaned, and quickly made her way out the door, the boys following.
John, Emerald, George, and Ringo sat in the back, Paul and Cherish in the front, "So what are we going to do about bathing 'necessities'?" Ringo asked, and John looked in between Emerald and Cherish.
"Knickers. Or nude, either one works." John shrugged, and Emerald laughed.
"Cher, you turn here." Emerald spat, and pointed to the pond. Cherish sighed, and turned in. John already started unbuckling his pants, and George watched quietly.
"What the fuck are you doing?!" George laughed.
"Taking my pants off. What the hell does it look like? I thought we just said that we were going in our knickers." John asked, and George snorted, Ringo starting to take off his shirt.
"Oh, I thought you meant that we were going to watch Emerald and Cher strip and then we will all quietly retreat to the car to take care of our boners." George said, Emerald finally turning and unbuckling his belt as fast as possible, "...the fuck?" George put his hands in the air, out of reach.
Emerald laughed, and started to slip the skirt out from under her, "Okay, how about we all wait outside to get changed...wait, Emerald, what is that?" Paul asked, looking down at her thigh. There, on her inside right thigh, the size of her palm, was a red heart with wings. A tattoo.
"What about it? Cherish and I have matching ones. It's for our mum." Emerald shrugged, acting as if it was really no big deal.
"Wait, your sister has one too? How did you get Cher to get one?" Paul asked, all of them piling out of the car, and stripping at the edge of the pond, "Ah, wait, now I see it." Paul smiled, inspecting the tattoo.
"Let's go in!" Emerald screeched, and John, Em, and Ringo jumped in fast. Water splashing around everywhere, and George sat on the bench. Paul noticed this after Cherish jumped in, and went to sit next to him.
"You okay? Everything good with you?" Paul asked, and George said a simple yes, "Get that boner already?" George nodded, and Paul laughed, picking George up by the arms.  
"No, Paul!" George squealed, and fell right into the water. Emerald's legs wrapped around his waist when he arose, and Emerald smiled wide.
"It's a full fucking moon, and George Fucking Harrison has a boner." Emerald giggled. George rolled his eyes, and dropped her.
"No, it's just pants?!" George asked, and Emerald laughed, the purple and orange tainted sky enveloping into the blue and black sky with stars.
The others quickly went to whatever they were doing, and Emerald waded with George for a second, "Can I get on your shoulders?" Emerald asked, and instead of waiting for an answer, Emerald climbed on George's back, and rested her thighs around George's neck. In an attempt to keep Emerald safe, George grabbed her thighs, and secured her around him.
John noticed this, and quickly went to Paul, "Macca, carry me!" John squealed and climbed onto Paul's back and Paul did the same to him. Except less delicately.
"What are we doing?" George screamed over Emerald's laughs that were drowning the poor boy out. John placed his arms on Emerald's shoulder, Emerald doing the same, and the two quickly went from playful shoving to hard-core pushing.
"Fuck you, Mason, you're going down!"
"Make me, Lennon! Be the man you are!" Emerald laughed, and finally was able to launch off of George's shoulders and tackle John into the water.
"No fair! You jumped off Harrison's shoulders." John shouted in protest. Emerald rolled her eyes, and George watched as she went over to Paul, who was trying to get her to talk to him.
George swam over to the edge, and pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pants and quickly lit one up. Emerald noticed this, and quickly swam over to him, "You know, Geo, you were the one who originally taught me to swim."
George jumped up from shock, and smiled when Emerald complemented him, "You sure "Daniel" won't be mad about you hanging around with us?"
"Nah, he knows all about me being friends with you. But Georgie, I hope you don't feel crushed or shit. I mean, I don't think we really belonged together. The sex, oh god, the sex! It was great, and everything I did with you made me feel special, but I don't think it was going to work."
"O-okay, thanks." George sighed, and kissed her softly, "One last time."
The six waded in the water, and John looked up at the stars, "One year, we're gonna be one of the stars. 'Specially with Eppy managing us. We're going to be famous. Rich and fuckin' famous."
Emerald sighed, "And one day, you won't half to speak in the fuckin' future tense. You're all gonna do it."
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